Welcome to Red Hook.

A quiet little town in the state of Washington, where the redwoods are tall and the tales are taller. Sure we have a little trouble now and then, but it’s the quietest it’s been in years. Pay no mind to Marcy down at the diner, she’s just an old gossip. If you start believing her stories of Thin Men out in the woods, you’ll be just as likely start buying her blurry Bigfoot postcards or be reading up on the latest masked vigilante sighting in the Hook Herald while waiting in line for one of her mouth-watering pecan pies. Sheriff Stone sure doesn’t truck to any of that nonsense about alien abductions or vampire attacks – he’s got enough troubles, what with the State Penitentiary up the road losing a few convicts and a struggle to keep his job in the next election. But a few still remember the old stories from back in Red Hook’s early days, stories of a witches’ curse, and of how the town really got its’ name…

Red Hook is a sandbox WoD Chronicle in the tradition of shows like Dark Shadows, Twin Peaks and American Gothic. All the players begin with Fog-of-war conditions for character creation (no one knows who – or what – anyone else is playing), unless players have agreed to form a cohort and start within the same group. So no going and revealing yourselves through the “Character” function! I’ll be posting all pcs along with the npcs, just to keep it all nice and confusing;)

Red Hook

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