• local settlement perishes, leaving behind evidence not to be found for a thousand years.


  • Russian Fur Traders pass through the region


  • Red Hook founded by prospector Douglass Hook while looking for gold.
  • Garnett brothers make a small fortune on miners following rumors of gold.


  • Hook leaves having never found gold.


  • Local Indians massacred by notorious Indian Hunter Howard Prize.


  • Town grows.
  • Founder Families of Garnett and Prize compete for Mayor.
  • Derik Garnett wins by default when Howard Prize is found dead, killed by a wild animal.


  • Smith-Williams family gets into the bootlegging business and makes a fortune.


  • Nathon Prize Sr. makes a fortune in advertising in NY, but fails to beat Garnett in RH Mayoral elections when he moves to Red Hook.
  • Sylvester Smith-Williams & Lilly Garnett marry, uniting their family fortunes.


  • Nathan Prize Sr. again fails to beat Garnett in RH Mayoral elections.
  • Sylvester Smith-Williams disappears under mysterious circumstances.


  • Last of the timber-mills close.


  • William Cross buys gun store.


  • Eibon Stone becomes Sheriff after Gerald Berlin retires.


  • Tessa Pelham’s savage death; Richard Abaddon, boyfriend, leaves town, while her brother, John Pelham, is institutionalized.


  • Nathan Prize Jr. moves back to RH


  • Construction of Prison begins over civil protest, causing Mayor Frank Garnett to fall out of favor.


  • Construction of Prison finishes.
  • June: Aryan Brotherhood set up business in Red Hook.
  • November: Nathan Prize elected Mayor when Frank Garnett decides not to run for re-election; Sheiman elected Coroner; Stone re-elected as Sheriff.


  • Jones family open Jefferson Wood Products.
  • October: Jorgensen becomes Warden of Prison.


  • Mexican Mafia arrive & take over dealing in Red Hook.
  • Deputy Antony Banks is shot in the head by escaped convict Daniel Parker, and though he is initially declared dead makes a spectacular recovery; loss of an eye leaves him on medical disability, however, and he retires.


  • January: Caroline Walsh and Joseph Nainking transfer from Seattle to Red Hook, replacing Banks and expanding the Sheriff’s department.
  • February: Samantha Bergoi moves back to Red Hook to live with her grandmother, Lilly Garnett-Smith-Williams.
  • June: First “Crow Woman” sighting.
  • July: First Indian artifacts discovered at site up in mountains.
  • August: Protest over desecration of Indian site.
  • December: Yakuza mobster Matsume Hiro transferred to RH Prison.


  • 1st week of January: Aryan Brotherhood member Jimmy D arrested for drug dealing.
  • 2nd week: Curator OHannigan claims the Museum is haunted.
  • Abaddon returns to town, hired by Mayor Prize as a personal assistant.
  • 3rd week: Deputy Sargent Marshal intercepts Mexican Mafia.
  • 4th week: Jimmy D goes to trial, conviction seems certain.
  • 1st week of February: Town Hall meeting reveals several new faces in town.
  • 3rd week of February: Sammantha Burgoi’s Birthday Party.


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