For the sake of focus, only the following Factions have real relevance in the game, so don’t bother with getting Status in organizations out side of these (without the storyteller’s consent or interest, such Covenants, Orders, Conspiracies, etc. will not have the strength within the context of the Chronicle to be of real value):

The University of Seattle (Academic) is planning on establishing an Archaeological dig up in the mountains above Red Hook early this year, but as of yet they have no real presence in the game. They are suitable for Allies or Contacts, but not status at this time.

  • Prerequisites: Academics **, at last one specialty in your character’s field.
  • Benefits: Scholars may garner extra experience (similar to a Mage’s use of Arcane Experience) for using downtime actions for pushing the boundaries of their field, or for making significant discoveries within the context of a story; such bonus xp may only be used for Mental Skills or Specialties (or in other areas deemed appropriate by the Storyteller).

Red Hook City Hall: There are those holding political Office in Red Hook, with all the accompanying power and responsibility.

  • Prerequisites: Politics *.
  • Benefits: Cost-break on Allies, Contacts and location-based Merits (such as Haven & Safehouse).

Wintergreen Incorporated (Corporate): An international conglomerate, Wintergreen is owned and run by a family interrelated to the Garnetts by marriage. While they have little active dealings with Red Hook proper, given they focus mainly on development in technologies with military and security applications, their connections have resulted in an increasing number of contracts within the town for their specialized equipment, and thus an increased amount of their interest.

  • Prerequisites: Academics * and either Science*** or Persuasion *.
  • Benefits: Cost-break on Security subset for location-based merits (such as Havens & Safehouses); Access to prototype military gear & Advanced Armory Endowments.

Criminal Groups: there are three factions, the Aryan Bikers, the Mexican Drug Cartel, and The Game (vacationing Mobsters), each with their finger in their own piece of the pie.

  • Prerequisites: Streetwise ; plus one of Brawl *, Melee ** or Firearms *.
  • Benefits: Cost-break on Allies (Criminal), Contacts; access to black market gear & drugs.

The Red Hook Coven (Occult) is a collection of New Age Wiccans dabbling in the mystical arts.

  • Prerequisites: Occult * or Persuasion **.
  • Benefits: May make use of the Arcane Experience rules as well as receive training in Hedge-Witch or Witchcraft-related merits, Library, Rites, Rituals & Ceremonies.

Red Hook Sheriff’s Department (Police): They are the Law in the Town proper.

  • Prerequisites: Drive *, Firearms *.
  • Benefits: Sworn Officer *; access to Police Gear and Authority within town bounds.

Red Hook Men’s Correctional Facility (Prison): The Prison employs almost half the town.

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Benefits: Access to the Prison; Coast-break on Herd, Harvest merits.

The Garnett Family are the aristocracy of Red Hook. Collectively they own half the town, and have managed it’s affairs to their benefit for over a century.

  • Prerequisites: Resources *; Be born or marry into the Family.
  • Benefits: Cost-break on Retainers, Resources & Location-based Merits (such as Haven or Safehouse).

You can also get Status (Clergy), (Licensed Professional) or (Medicine) to act within the bounds of that profession, but they grant little benefit beyond authority within that profession.


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