Dramatis Personae


Red Hook Sheriff’s Dept

  • Sheriff Eibon Stone
  • Deputy Sargent Jimmy Marshal
  • Deputy Pete Daily
  • Deputy Catherine Walsh
  • Deputy Joseph Nainking
  • Lucy Berlin, wife of retired Sheriff Gerald Berlin; dispatch & secretary
  • State Trooper Barney Wallace
  • Town Magistrate Charles Connor
  • Abigail Sheiman, County Medical Examiner

RH Men’s Correctional Facility

  • Warden Alistair “the Swede” Jorgensen
  • Warden Frank Doyle

Mayor’s Office

  • Nathan Prize, Mayor
  • Richard Abaddon, Executive Assistant


  • Don Cribb, violent drunk
  • Matsume Hiro, Yakuza mobster behind bars
  • Daniel Peters, would be cop-killer behind bars

The Sanders Family, local white trash

  • Earl, Mary & Todd
  • Steven Carpenter, local Punk

Aryan Biker Brotherhood

  • Jay Adams, Gang leader
  • Scotty, drug addict & Gang chemist
  • Ray & Billy, Gang leg-breakers
  • Jimmy D, busted drug-dealer

Mexican Mafia

  • The Rodriguez Brothers, Laguarto & Napoleon “Nappo”
  • Eduardo “Eddy” Velez

The Social Elite
The Garnett Family

  • Lilly Garnett – Smith-Williams (“The White Witch”), family matriarch
  • Dr. Lydia Williams MD, Lilly’s eldest daughter
  • Jonathan Smith-Williams, Lilly’s son; Lawyer
  • Frank Garnett, Lilly’s nephew, ex-mayor and land-owner; runs Garnett Construction
  • Melinda Garnett, Frank’s daughter; owns Garnett Ranch
  • Sileus Garnett the III, distant family cousin formerly living abroad
  • Rachel Burgoi, granddaughter of Lilly; Head of Research & Development #3 for the Wintergreen Group.
  • Samantha Burgoi, granddaughter of Lilly; feckless dilettante
  • Milly Washakie, Samantha’s housekeeper
  • John Pelham, rags-to-riches corporate shark

Other Locals of Note

  • Dug & Martha Jones, Jefferson County Wood Products
  • Dr, Miles Wiltes MD & Tracy Richardson-Wiltes, Hot new doctor in town and his nurse, the former homecoming queen
  • Reverend Christopher Thorn, Church of the Nazarene
  • Father Bret Johansson, Presbyterian Minister
  • William Cross, Washington Hunting & Field Supply
  • Margaret O’Hanigan, Red Hook Museum Curator
  • Katie O’Hanigan, Margaret’s daughter, currently off at college
  • Ben Dury, failed Lake Belleau Summer camp Manager
  • Mark McKee, Bartender & Owner of the Rough House
  • Chris Morgan, Bouncer & Barman at the Rough House
  • Gracie Short & Nancy Redman, Waitresses at the Rough House
  • CROW WOMAN, urban legend & vigilante
  • Tess Pelham, murdered local girl; John’s sister and Abaddon’s former girlfriend
  • Joe Cheff, owner of “Master Cheff’s Steak & Potato Cuisine Caffe”
  • Gerald Berlin, retired Sheriff
  • Antony Banks, former Deputy turned one-eyed private detective
  • Peter Vantouth, reporter for the Red Hook Herald; well known for his articles on local weirdness
  • Laura Esowien, photographer for Red Hook Herald
  • Lois Prescott, reporter for Red Hook Herald
  • Sarah Piecewell, Girl scout Den mother
  • Danny, local vagrant
  • Hans, reclusive hermit
  • The Shatewan, Red Hook’s version of Big Foot.

Dramatis Personae

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