Red Hook

Prize parties, public pandering?

by Lois Prescott, Red Hook Herald

While the daily minutes can tell you how this month’s town hall meeting went (hint: a crackdown on rising crime and promises to increase Sheriff’s budget seem to be on the agenda), it won’t cover the after party at Prize’s opulent mansion up in the hills overlooking both Garnett River to the east and our humble town to the west. With an eye to catering to City Councilmen, the Sheriff’s Department and even his rivals amongst the Garnett Family, Mayor Nathan Prize has again shone us his talent for hosting an extravagant social event and speaking platitudes to a public he does not walk amongst. While our previous mayor, Frank Garnett, may have been cut from the same historic home-grown aristocracy of the Garnett dynasty, he at least has always seen to the needs of our town, giving employment to those without work and help local businesses prosper. Unlike his predecessor however, Mayor Prize has yet to truly invest himself in our community.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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