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Museum Curator injured in late night robbery

by Lois Prescott, Red Hook Herald

Details are sketchy, but according to police Museum Curator Margaret O’Hannigan suffered a head-injury last night when she startled a burglar while working late. Deputies Devon Smith and Joseph Nainking were first on the scene and saw to it she received prompt treatment from Dr. Lydia Smith-Williams. “Her head trauma seemed initially to indicate a blow to the head, consistent to a fall against a cabinet corner,” Dr. Smith-Williams stated, “and the initial concussion looked life threatening. Luckily the injury proved superficial and it looks like she’ll make a full recovery.”

Ms. O’Hannigan will likely be staying off her feet for a few days, though fans of the Red Hook Museum needn’t worry as society darling Samantha Burgoi has volunteered to help manage things until the curator is back on her feet. Though a suspect was brought in, he was shortly released, Sheriff Stone stating the suspect’s alibi checks out at this time. O’Hannigan reports only one item was stolen, a Manitou statue found at the recent Indian Artifact dig-site, one of the few artifacts not taken for study by the University of Seattle.

Readers may recall the protests last year by local reservation Indians over the supposed desecration of ancient Indian burial grounds, a claim contested by the university as patently false, given the age and nature of the site in question. Readers may also remember more recent reports by Peter Vantouth that Ms. O’Hannigan had made claims to the Museum being haunted over recent months. Sheriff Stone states the idea of ghosts is “idiotic,” speculating the recent theft is most likely the work of protesters or thrillseeking teens, but is not discounting intentional theft by criminal parties, given the recent upswing in crime in the last few years. The Sheriff promises that whomever injured the Curator will be found and punished to the full extent of the law.


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