Red Hook

Burgoi Birthday Bash

by Peter Vantouth, Red Hook Herald

The 25th birthday celebration was an elegant affair for Red Hook’s elite, and town beauty Samantha Burgoi was the Belle of the Ball. Attended by many of the far-flung Garnett clan, it marked the return of Samantha’s sister Rachel, as well as distant cousin Seleus Garnett the III (of the Italian Garnett branch claiming decent from none other than the town founder of the same name), as well as town luminaries Nathan Prize and John Pelham.

While I’m sure the gossip of who wore what and who was seen dancing with whom will quite captivate those who like to read such details, I’ll stick to some juicier bits overheard. An unnamed source tells me the Burgoi – owned international business is looking to our evergreen hills for establishing their next venture, possibly bringing yet another much needed boost to our town’s long-suffering economy, presuming our Mayor, Nathan Prize, can be brought on board to seal the deal.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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